[bquote]Kido Communications, LLC delivers a select mix of marketing communication advisory and implementation services. Share your business goals with us and we’ll align communication programes to support your businss needs.[/bquote]



[testimonial by=”Shelley Callis” from=” Marketing Director, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG)”]”Veronica is the driving force behind CG’s branding initiative. Her experience, talent and most importantly, her professional guidance has allowed us to develop and implement a branding program that truly reflects CG’s unique attributes and capabilities.”[/testimonial]



[toggle title=”Branding“]Having a strong brand can have a big impact on your business.

Essentially brand recognition plus consistency equals increased brand value.  Increased brand value leads to increased sales and increased sales leads to increased profits.

We work with clients either from scratch to develop completely new brand identities or with established firms to rebrand them.

Our brand work encompasses strategy, research, positioning and messaging, visual design, comprehensive employee and market-facing communication strategies to launch the new brand, brand guidelines, and internal and external perception studies to measure success.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Communication Strategy“]

Strategic plans help a company decide where it wants to go and how to get there.

With a marketing communications strategy, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are helping you achieve your overall business goals.

Kido Communications works with professional services firms to create marketing and public relations strategies that do just that — whether the objective is enhanced credibility, increased brand recognition, or shortened sales cycles.

Our marketing communications and PR strategies include:

  • Vision and purpose
  • Business goals
  • Marketing Communications Programs that map to those goals
  • Role of the program
  • Objective
  • Strategy
  • Timeline
  • Key milestones
  • Organizational structure
  • Resource plan
  • Budget


[toggle title=” Business Strategy“]We help companies determine their strategic direction through evaluations of business direction, future scenario outcomes, target offerings, target buyers and areas for differentiation.  Our capabilities support business plans, financial plans, go-to-market models, as well as alliance and channel execution plans.  We are unique in our ability to collect proprietary information, develop frameworks that support project objectives and assess situations.  Our work is generally performed for CEOs, business unit leaders, marketing executives and companies making investment decisions.

Kido Communications tracks the technology services and solutions market on an ongoing basis.  Our understanding of market trends, customer segmentation and spending by solution area and industry provide us with a wealth of information to support you in developing a strategic direction for your business over the next several years.

The solidification of your business strategy will form a springboard enabling your firm to focus on the development of its brand and message positioning, service offerings, target accounts, and the creation of a marketing plan that aligns to selling these solutions.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Market Research“]Looking to gain a competitive advantage?  We conduct primary and secondary market research on markets, customers and competitors to support strategic planning initiatives, value proposition testing, satisfaction measurements, thought leadership papers, offering development and competitive positioning.

Using our statistical and analytical methods, we interpret the collected data to gain insight and support decision making.  Market research is a very important component of business strategy.

Our market research services include marketing/industry analysis, customer analysis, competitive analysis and competitive response strategies, service/product offering validation, and scenario planning.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Messaging & Positioning “]Formulating a consistent and effective message can be a valuable investment.  Your message is a platform for raising public awareness about your business, products and services, or educating your audience on a new concept.  We develop messages that help your organization articulate a clear, simple and easy to understand idea.

Our deliverables include a positioning statement, which spells out in plain, hard-hitting language who you are, what you promise, how it’s unique, and why people should care, and attributes for communicating a distinctive brand voice.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Thought Leadership“]We believe that professional services firms can gain the attention of prospective and current clients as well as the media and analysts by creating and marketing powerful points of view. These viewpoints discuss a hot topic and/or create differentiated expertise for you firm and prove to your target market that your expertise is important to their success.

We work with firms to determine the topic of their thought leadership initiative and the initial hypothesis on the topic (the problem and how companies should solve it).  We then construct the survey instrument and execute the survey, analyze the survey results, develop the point of view, write the thought leadership paper, and aggressively market it through an Integrated Marketing Campaign.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Content Development (web, white papers, brochures, bylines, client case studies)”]In order to market your company, you need to generate compelling content and sales tools that make it easy for clients, employees, shareholders, and industry influencers to understand your differentiated business, services, and products, and how you deliver value to your clients.

We offer copy writing and visual design services to develop a variety of online, interactive media and print marketing materials.  These materials include PowerPoint presentations, corporate overviews, brochures, website content, client success stories, service/solution data sheets, bylined articles, white papers, and more.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Website Design & Development“]Kido Communications provides a process from strategy and user experience research – to visual design and content development – through technical build and launch for market facing websites.

Beyond brochure-ware, we turn your website into an essential business tool that enables you to bring your brand to life online, create a richer and more engaging experience that maps with the real world experience of working with your firm, and capture new prospective client data, business leads, and recruiting leads.

The sites we design and develop are typically built on a content management system, incorporate search engine optimization and social media, and integrate with other sales & marketing applications.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Visual Design“]Your brand is communicated through words as well as pictures.  We offer visual design and interactive media services that powerfully and accurately represent your brand, including logos, visual identity systems, typographic systems, color palettes, imagery, websites, flash presentations and videos.

We also design print and electronic collateral, sales tools, signage, stationary, and more to reflect your brand and provide a consistent look and feel across all materials.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Interactive Media & Video Production“]Kido Communications collaborates with clients from a strategic and creative perspective to develop interactive media solutions that are visually compelling and technically sound. Our projects typically involve video as a prime source of content.  These projects are designed to be scaleable and multi-functional, working online or on disk.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Internal / Employee Communications “]

Open and frequent communication with your employees is essential to help them feel engaged and passionate about your company.

Many progressive companies now view internal communications as equally important as external communications (i.e.: advertising, marketing, public relations, and investor relations). External marketing reaches its full potential when employees fully “buy in” to a company’s vision, brand, messages, goals, and values.

We work alongside you to encourage employees to become stakeholders in your company, including:

  • Conduct communications audits to analyze how communications are conducted across divisions, offices, and teams
  • Ensure consistent and clear messages across the company
  • Review communication channels (social media, multimedia, company intranet, emails, newsletters, training sessions, meetings with executives) to ensure employees are receiving information on a regular basis
  • Write copy for employee communications
  • Provide a framework in which employees can anonymously give feedback and suggestions about the company’s direction or ask questions and receive timely responses




[toggle title=” Social Media“]Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.  We educate clients about social media and its role as a necessary component of a company’s integrated marketing communications strategy, custom develop and implement effective social media strategies, provide influencer outreach and engagement programs, train thought leaders to embrace social media for idea sharing and amplification, and percolate creative social media campaign ideas and the execution of them.

Our clients benefit from participating in online conversations by listening, learning, sharing information, establishing relationships, and building trust with key influencers. Beyond the metrics, we also help you understand the long-term impact social media can have on your business and work with your team to anticipate the operational impact. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Media Relations “]

Having your company featured in a magazine or newspaper article is one of the best ways to raise awareness and create preference of your corporate brand and services among targeted decision makers.

Do you ever wonder how these stories are published? Reporters do not go out and dig up all the stories they write. Many stories come to them from public relations professionals. We develop news announcement programs as well as story ideas to pitch to the media to secure coverage, thereby:

  • Further enhancing your credibility
  • Providing a high level of third-party endorsement
  • Providing you with excellent reprints / web content for sales, recruiting, internal communications, and investor relations usage


[toggle title=”Awards “]

Awards recognize excellence, accomplishments, and best practices, creating awareness and increasing the visibility for a company as a professional role model.

We customize awards programs for our clients by researching relevant awards within professional society organizations, business magazines, newspapers, and trade publications, and then submitting nominations.


[toggle title=”Analyst Relations“]

Analysts and their research reports are major influencers on your clients’ and prospects’ purchasing decisions, as well as the way the media writes about your company. We help you build quality relationships with these key influencers so they:

  • Recommend you to clients and prospects
  • Speak positively about you to the media
  • Include you in their “state-of-the-art” research documents
  • Provide you with competitive intelligence
  • Validate market opportunities for new services and solutions
  • Act as a sounding board to test your go-to-market messages


[toggle title=” Speaker Placement“]

One of the best methods to create awareness of your company, and generate demand for your services is through public speaking engagements.

We research and identify specific conferences and sessions to pursue, develop speaking abstracts, and pitch you as speaker to conference coordinators. If you are invited to speak, the benefits are many:

  • Establishes you as the expert on the presentation topic
  • Further enhances your company’s credibility
  • Provides high level of third-party endorsement
  • Provides audience that is interested in your topic
  • Business leads
  • Speeches lead to bylined articles, web content, etc.


[toggle title=” Crisis Communications“]

Advanced planning and fast action is required to help clients during a business catastrophe.

We work closely with you to develop and communicate your messages, strengthen your company’s reputation and overcome your business challenges.


[toggle title=”Events “]

Participation in events increases mindshare and marketshare of your prospective and current clients, and it establishes and reinforces your brand identity. Before committing time and resources to a specific conference or tradeshow, we provide you with:

  • An analysis of tradeshows that you can sponsor, or attend for networking, based on your market including dates, location and cost
  • Review sponsorship opportunities

Once you determine which events your company will sponsor or attend, we help you with:

  • Project management support
  • Creation of cohesive marketing materials
  • Design of a new booth or redesign of existing booth inventory
  • Coordination of client events at the conference
  • Logistics support


[toggle title=” Integrated Marketing Campaigns“]Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC) are the most effective way to present a unified message to your target audience. Public relations, advertising, direct marketing, social media, events and other promotions are incorporated to communicate with and engage your target audience.

IMC create competitive advantage and boost sales & profits, while saving money, time and stress.  At the most basic level, a unified message has more impact than a disjointed myriad of messages.  In a busy world, a consistent, consolidated and crystal clear message has a better chance of cutting through the noise of hundreds of commercial messages that bombard customers each and every day.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Marketing Communications Audit“]Not sure if you have all the pieces to effectively market your business? We can review your marketing plan, roles (who does what?), processes (do they exist?), and collateral materials (what marketing pieces exist?). We perform an analysis to determine what’s missing, and provide specific recommendations to improve your roles, processes and marketing materials.[/toggle]

[toggle title=” Merger & Acquisition Communicatons“]

When organizational upheaval begins, with all its fear, anxiety, distrust, and paranoia, nothing is more critical than communication.

Flooding the communications channels with targeted messages to drive home the meaning and minimize misinterpretation so each constituent feels that communication is directed at them cannot be underestimated.

We develop detailed marketing and communications integration plans that start by helping clients gain an understanding of the acquired company’s “as-is” status related to processes, applications, infrastructure, policies, practices, and programs through to planning the internal and external announcements about the deal.


[toggle title=”Career Coaching “]Want to build a better you?  Looking to move ahead and get that job promotion?  Kido Communications works with marketing & PR managers and above to develop and orchestrate strategies to succeed at your job.

We offer individual and personalized marketing & PR career coaching that starts with realistic goal planning — identifying your accomplishments, specific marketing goals, strengths, and areas to improve.  Then we create a career/professional development plan that pinpoints the skills and experience to be developed and the course of action for reaching these goals (training vehicles, resources, tools, assignments, expected benefits).

To keep you on track, we hold you accountable for the strategic and tactical execution of key projects, action plans to accomplish these projects, delivery dates, and measures of success.

When you hit roadblocks that can sidetrack you, we’ll work together to discover why and help you move through these difficult moments. We’ll keep you advancing forward and make sure you get where you want to go.