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[one_third][testimonial by=”Bob Gallagher” from=”President & CEO, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG) “]“The building of our brand, from our voice, attributes, promise, and ultimately our positioning platform, has created this excellent framework for us to talk about our company.  It’s reflected in the website and our online employee communications channel.

We see it, read it, and feel the pulse and intention of our firm.  Kido stayed true to their plan, resisted our pressure to compromise the process, and converted the non-believers (me).”[/testimonial]


[testimonial by=”Kim Burke” from=”Marketing Writer Keane, Inc. “]“Veronica Kido is one smart cookie! From a management perspective, she’s a master at treading the line between providing guidance and letting her people step up to get the job done. She has inspired our team and kept us sane with her terrific sense of humor. I have greatly enjoyed working with her!” [/testimonial]


[one_third][testimonial by=”Shelley Callis” from=” Marketing Director, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG)”]”Veronica is the driving force behind CG’s branding initiative. Her experience, talent and most importantly, her professional guidance has allowed us to develop and implement a branding program that truly reflects CG’s unique attributes and capabilities. She does an outstanding job collaborating with our executive team and keeping everyone focused and on plan. Veronica’s knowledge of the financial services industry is exceptional, and we rely on her expertise to most effectively position CG in the marketplace.

Veronica has managed several large initiatives for CG including our brand positioning project, external website redesign, internal communications plan, and other ad hoc projects. We are excited about our continued partnership with Kido Communications and look forward to many more successful endeavors.”[/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third_last][testimonial by=”Carrie Lewis Stamos” from=” Product Marketing Manager, Global Development & Testing Solutions, Lionbridge”]“I always learn so much working with Veronica – she knows how to get stuff done, never loses her cool, and always stay positive. She is a great role model!”[/testimonial]


[testimonial by=”Maria Doyle” from=”Principal, Doyle Strategic Communications”]“Veronica and I worked together for several years, both at NerveWire and at MS&L/Rourke & Company. Veronica is extremely dedicated and focused on getting things done. She pays attention to the details, while comprehending the big picture as well. She would be an asset to any company looking for help with their marketing communications initiatives.” [/testimonial]



[one_third][testimonial by=”Russell J. Campanello” from=” Senior Vice President of Human Resources Keane, Inc.”]”For a two year period at Keane, we navigated extraordinarily difficult communication events with minimal impact to our clients, shareholders, and employees. Veronica Kido’s leadership and skill during these moments was unparalleled. When events were at their most unpredictable, Veronica was always prepared with the counsel and guidance we needed. She developed the strategy and delivered the messages that provided each constituency with the right information at the right time. She coached board members and management in dealing with the press, and was available nearly 24 hours when we needed it. We couldn’t have had a better communications leader than Veronica Kido. ” [/testimonial]


[testimonial by=”Jon Fukuda” from=” Principal/Partner Limina Application Office, LLC”]“Veronica is an intelligent and powerful force behind any marketing campaign. Her experience with and knowledge of marketing distribution channels makes any campaign, from strategic to tactical a walk in the park. I’ll always look to Veronica as my key source for best practices in innovative and effective marketing solutions.” [/testimonial][/one_third]

[one_third][testimonial by=”Daniel Christianson” from=”Senior Visual Designer, Keane, Inc., Creative Director, Dan Christianson Design”]“I had the pleasure of working with Veronica while I was a contracted visual designer during her employment with TowerGroup. A chance freelance assignment at Keane resulted in an open dialogue and in a short time, I found myself working directly with her within Keane’s Marketing department. Choosing to work for Keane and close down my own business was a weighty decision unto itself but high on the list of reasons to do this was an opportunity to work with this bright, articulate, and engaging individual whom I feel possesses an amazing work ethic and is fluent and well-versed in her field of marketing communications and public relations. Her passion for her work is self-evident. During my nearly two years at Keane, Veronica has demonstrated an effective leadership style, balancing a sense of authority with compassion and a strong dedication to accomplishing the many tasks at hand.

She is masterful in her ability to understand the nature of a given issue by asking the right questions and in turn, offers several possible solutions. She is at ease with assigning her staff for a particular project and displays faith in their contributions by engaging them in the process and making them part of the team effort to complete it. In doing so, she reinforces their sense of participation, accomplishment and most importantly, team-effort. She shines brilliantly when conducting staff and executive meetings or day-long brand strategy workshops by being prepared, pacing the meetings accordingly, and accomplishing her meeting and workshop objectives effectively. Veronica’s sense of organization, her drive, her innately articulate and engaging nature, and her respect for her colleagues, are proven elements of a strong, competent, and fair team leader.” [/testimonial][/one_third]


[testimonial by=”Elizabeth Christopher” from=”Marketing Writer, Keane, Inc.”]”Veronica knows marketing and she knows how to manage people to get the desired business results. At TowerGroup, she built the marketing organization from the ground up, developing the marketing strategy and the processes to support the business needs. She honed the PR initiatives around the strategy, setting up a speakers bureau and expanding the capabilities of our events program. She was able to pull from her strong network of professionals to enable our two-person team to accomplish the work of a much larger organization. When I came to work for her again at Keane, her challenges were different. The marketing organization she ran was staffed with ten professionals including designers, writers, and a web manager.

But demands on our time were equally great, and a tumult of organizational changes required we shift focus time and again over the course of a year. Veronica is cool under pressure and is able to prioritize projects to make sure her team stays focused on the company’s business strategy. She quickly identifies people’s talents and uses them appropriately, while gently challenging her group to push beyond their comfort level. In short, Veronica is a true professional and a joy to work with.”