Public Relations

TowerGroup – Promoting Thought Leadership

August 10, 2011

TowerGroup, a leading research and advisory firm focused on the global financial services industry, issues numerous timely and newsworthy research reports written by its analysts.  To keep TowerGroup in the media spotlight and top of my mind with prospective and current customers, our team developed a TowerGroup news bureau.


The news bureau serves as the overarching “press engine” that both receives incoming press calls and pushes out proactive outreach vehicles.  The bureau also builds and maintains a comprehensive, custom TowerGroup media database. Accordingly, the news bureau is one of the most critical elements in TowerGroup’s PR program as it serves as the firm’s “public face” to the press, setting the tone for TowerGroup’s responsiveness and service-orientation.


With the news bureau as the hub of its media relations program, TowerGroup built strong, consistent relationships across all categories of financial services reporters; grew its network of relationships with top-tier, general business reporters, including broadcast outlets like NPR and CNBC; and gained high praise from press on analyst knowledge, accessibility, responsiveness, and research content.