Thought Leadership

NerveWire – Collaborative Commerce

April 10, 2002

Entering what is now known as the dot-com boom and bust period, NerveWire, a fast growing management consulting and systems integration firm, was looking for a way to break away from the competitive pack and make a name for itself.  Embarking on a thought leadership and integrated marketing campaign helped NerveWire boost brand awareness and gain entrance to have a meaningful dialogue with target clients. Working in partnership with our affiliate, the Bloom Group, our team developed unique and compelling insights on the hot topic of collaborative commerce.  To develop and market NerveWire’s thought leadership campaign we:

  • Captured the expertise that NerveWire’s subject matter experts gained from having worked with clients on the issue at hand
  • Conducted primary research and surveys on best practices of companies that were successfully addressing the problem
  • Brought the collective wisdom of the firm’s subject matter experts together to create a unified and compelling point of view on their client experience and outside research
  • Wrote and designed a high-caliber research study


With this powerful point of view developed, we aggressively marketed the research study through analyst briefings, press interviews, a press release, bylined articles, conference presentations at key industry events, client dinners in multiple cities, direct mail campaigns, webinars, and other marketing activities. The compelling benefit for NerveWire? Significant business leads, as well as the attention of the press and analysts, whose coverage generated additional business.