Keane – VIP Client Event

November 10, 2006

When Keane, a 40-year-old IT consulting firm, needed to strengthen relationships with its most valuable clients, the company hosted a “VIP Executive Forum” in Arizona. Designed to encompass business-based and leisure activities, the event comprised two full days of workshops, break-out sessions, golf, and relaxation.  The highlight of the weekend was an Executive Roundtable Dinner where attendees shared insights, experiences, and best practices.


Our team handled the event soup to nuts, including:

  • Theme
  • Invitations
  • Handouts
  • Presentation design and content
  • Gifts
  • Leisure activity selection and coordination
  • Golf outing scheduling and coordination
  • Follow up


The event was a hit. Keane deepened its relationships with clients while elevating its status as an innovative and influential partner.  Our team received accolades – from Keane executives as well as client attendees – who were impressed by our strategic planning and thoughtful execution of the event.