Thought Leadership

Keane – Online Customer Experience

January 10, 2006

Keane, an international IT services firm, was engaged with several banks helping them improve their online customer experience.  The problem was that no one outside Keane and the banking clients knew about it — and Keane’s bright subject matter experts wanted to get the word out.  In alignment with Keane’s vertical investments, we worked to position the company as a thought leader in the financial services market.


Working with our affiliates, Pilgrim Partners and Ergo Editorial Services, we put our heads together on how best to generate content and a platform from which Keane could speak. To develop Keane’s powerful point of view, we executed on three key steps: Research Design and Execution, Analysis and Point of View (POV) Development, and Writing. Once the research was complete and a compelling POV was written, we aggressively marketed the research study through analyst briefings, press interviews, a press release, bylined articles, webinars, and other marketing activities. Within hours of Keane’s press release crossing the newswire, Keane received 4 requests for the research report from target banking client accounts.


This Thought Leadership Program hit a home run — positioning Keane as a credible expert in the online customer experience arena for financial services firm and creating significant opportunities with client decision makers and prospective clients.