Keane – Evolving Brand Image

January 10, 2005

Keane, a 40-year-old IT consulting firm, needed to rebrand itself after evolving from a software services company to an international provider of a range of IT services. To drive Keane’s brand transformation, our team created and executed a four-phase strategic project plan:


  • Phase 1 comprised a brand positioning strategy and platform that drove and unified the other phases of the program
  • Phase 2 encompassed the creative design of a new visual identity system, including logotype, a typographic system, a color palette, and imagery, which was carefully documented in order to maintain the integrity and proper execution of the program worldwide
  • Phase 3 spanned website design and development
  • Phase 4 included establishing a brand culture and internal communications strategy


By helping Keane evolve its image, Kido Communications helped the firm create a powerful new brand.  So powerful, in fact, that Keane was acquired shortly after the completion of the rebrand project.