Internal Communications

Cognizant Technology Solutions – Employee Recognition & Awards

August 10, 2011

Cognizant, a leading provider of IT services, has more than 111,000 employees around the globe. Results of an employee satisfaction survey indicated that Cognizant’s employees felt that they did not receive sufficient recognition and celebration in response to their efforts on behalf of the company.  Cognizant heard the employee feedback loud and clear, and took immediate action by hiring Kido Communications to develop a new employee recognition and award program.


To create the program, we synthesized input from past employee satisfaction surveys, senior management, leaders from each business unit, talent managers, and corporate human resources. We also incorporated Cognizant’s brand values and customer satisfaction survey results.


The resulting program was specifically designed to provide employees with the public praise and recognition that they deserve for their hard work, extra effort, and loyalty.  In addition to calling attention to their special achievements at quarterly town hall meetings, Cognizant now shows its appreciation to employees through an experiential reward, such as a team outing, or with a memorable memento that employees can select using a Hallmark gift card.


The program worked. Employees liked the program, felt it was meaningful and responded with higher employee satisfaction scores.