Internal Communications

Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group – Inside CG

October 12, 2011

Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG) is a fast-growing management and technology consulting firm.  As CG continued to hire large numbers of new employees, the company needed a proactive and creative approach to professional and cultural integration. To that end, CG worked with Kido Communications to create Inside CG, a high-touch, web-based internal communications channel that can be accessed by all employees anytime, anywhere.


Inside CG provides useful and interesting information, ranging from company updates to client news, in a fun and engaging way. It also provides an engaging, dynamic way of interacting with employees – not just a series of company-wide memos. Most importantly, it is a two-way channel, so the content on the site can be driven by employees.


To date, the response from CG and its employees has been terrific. With Inside CG, the firm has:


  • Fostered a greater sense of common identity and shared values among the firm’s geographically dispersed employees
  • Established a regular pattern of open, meaningful, and useful employee communications with employees;
  • United and enriched the company culture
  • Supported and advanced knowledge management and industry/technology competency programs
  • Established programs that personify and strengthen company values