Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group – Crystallizing a Brand

April 10, 2011

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG) is a fast-growing management and technology consulting firm. With 250-employees, and plans for continued rapid growth, the firm  recognized the need to invest in and evolve its brand image to spur new business and, most importantly, attract top talent. A key element in the branding process was getting the entire company — from the leadership team down — on the same page when describing the firm and the unique value it delivers to clients.


To ensure that all employees were “singing from the same hymnal,” CG turned to Kido Communications to provide the foundation for its branding efforts. As a first step, we conducted extensive research including client interviews, employee focus groups, and competitive analysis. Based on the research results, combined with a facilitated messaging session with management, we developed a messaging and positioning platform for CG.  The platform includes a positioning statement, which spells out in plain, hard-hitting language who the company is, what it promises, how it’s unique, and why people should care. It also includes attributes for communicating a distinctive CG brand voice.


With these key deliverables nailed down, CG now has a new messaging foundation for all corporate communications, client service, and sales and marketing activities moving forward.  Here’s what CG’s President and CEO Bob Gallagher had to say:


“The building of our brand, from our voice, attributes, promise, and ultimately our positioning platform, has created this excellent framework for us to talk about our company.  It’s reflected in the website and our online employee communications channel.  We see it, read it, and feel the pulse and intention of our firm.  Kido stayed true to their plan, resisted our pressure to compromise the process, and converted the non-believers (me).”

Bob Gallagher

President and CEO, Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group